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2 bedroom 4 persons

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Room description


2-bedroom Apartment (4 persons) consist of a two separate bedrooms and the kitchen. If you want to be sure the apartment will have living room we suggest to book 3-bedroom apartment where one of the rooms can be used as a living room.   This type of apartment is perfect choice for family of four persons. Also we suggest this type of apartment to 2,3 or 4 friends, if they  do not mind to sleep together in one bed as such apartment has 2 double beds or double bed  and 2 single beds. Everybody will have a separate blanket.

The pictures you see, are selected pictures from all of our 2-bedroom apartments, so be sure you will get one of them. Unfortunately we can not picture every aspect of each apartment so yes – it is a little bit matter of luck which apartment will be exactly for you, but don’t worry they all are situated in the Old town and all are the same level.

2-bedroom apartments (4 persons) have the following equipment:

– Two Double beds or double bed and 2 single beds, bed linen

– Coffee table

– Television with cable TV

– Fully equipped kitchen (no oven).

– Bathroom with shower and washing utensils

2-bedroom apartments can be placed up to the fifth floor without a lift.

Price per night

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